Thursday, 27 September 2012

I've Moved!!

Hello readers,

I've been thinking about moving to Wordpress for a long time now and finally decided to make the move because I maxed out my picture upload limit with Blogger and couldn't figure out a way around it even with the Google+ feature (other than paying). 

Here's where my future updates will be at:

All old posts are also available there as well : )  Please follow / continue to read my blog from there! 

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Hong Kong 2012

Hong Kong. 

Everyone that I see or talk to has been asking me how it was, and it's so hard to describe exactly how it was... I don't think I particularly did anything interesting because my trip was mainly eating, shopping, and getting some IDs processed. But it was good. I don't know why but going by myself this year was much more enjoyable than when I went to Hong Kong last year. 

Maybe cause I got to do what I wanted to do with my time, or maybe because this time around I had a bunch of friends that I could meet up with. But I can't stress or properly express how much I enjoyed this trip. I got to meet up with a lot of people that I haven't seen in a long time, and also get to know some of my relatives better throughout my stay. I was a bit surprised some of the people I met up with agreed to even meet up because it has been so long. But I was happy I was able to chat with everyone from school despite how we have grown apart over the past couple of years. It was a very nice and nostalgic feeling : )  

Here's some of the people I met up with:

My cousin Cooper :D who left to HK for work in January : '( He took me out to eat a lot of food...really fattened me up in one day. Thank you hehe. 

My Aunt Maria who spent a lot of her time shopping and touring with me! And teaching me about politics and how to commute on my own!! 

My Uncle Afonso who spent time taking me and my Aunt around in Macau (ex. driving us and even denting his car : / ) 

High school classmates that I haven't seen in 4 years! It was nice to see that we're all around the same still. 

University friends who I had a really nice chat with about life, haha. 

One of my closest friends from High School, Jessica. I'm glad that nothing was awkward even though we haven't seen each other in so long. And I look forward to her returning to Toronto after Co-op so we can hang out more : ) 

My cousin Maria, who let me stay at her place for the 2 weeks. We finally had a night out together on my last night which was really nice because we never got to talk much during the trip since she's busy a lot, and normally due to us living in different countries + age difference when we were younger. 

These are some of the people that contributed to my amazing stay in Hong Kong : ) Didn't get to take a picture with everyone that I met up with unfortunately.

I digress, but on another note, this trip was a really great experience for me to become more independent. It's weird I totally do not understand how to take public transit in Toronto (and still don't), but I have been able to go out to different parts of Hong Kong by myself by walking, taking the bus, taking the mini-van, and the MTR. My parents and friends would be proud of me haha. 

Some of the more exciting things that I did:

Visiting to Macau (my dad's home town) which I haven't been since I was 2,

Finding my 2nd favourite ramen place Butao Ramen (first is still Santouka <3 ),

 Visiting my first Cat Cafe,

Getting to hang out at Soho and Lan Kwai Fong...and even trying shisha for the first time with the excuse of 'because I'm in HK', 

And eating lots of great food in general <3 

Here's some pictures of food that I ate during my trip just to make you all drool along with me.

Restaurant in Macau called Nga Heung 雅香 famous for their home-made soy milk and fish broth noodles. 

The food looks so normal, but the noodles were SO GOOD. I didn't catch the Chinese name of the restaurant :( but the English one is Un Lam. This Macau restaurant is also famous for their Kelp Green Bean dessert other than their noodles. 

Wah Sing which has the BEST SCRAMBLED EGGS EVER <3 So fluffy I could die!  I ate a little of the noodle prior to taking the looked better before I dug in. 

Also tried out Daniel Wu's Monster Sushi! A bit underwhelming for me because I was told it is around the same as Itacho and Itamae...but I prefer those more. The picture on the bottom right is the Godzilla Roll.....kind of weird, I would say don't bother ordering it. 

Sakagawa in Causeway Bay. Had real Foie Gras for the first time (Foie Gras on toast on the left : 9 )

Ate at the famous Lan Fong Yuen in Central where you should never expect to not have to share a table with other customers...because they are just that busy. Their fried instant noodles are super popular amongst office workers and tourists in general during lunch time. Even at 10am, they are packed with people for breakfast!

...And more random food pictures. 

Liquid nitrogen made Ice cream

Mango Sago + grass jelly from 小甜谷

Delicious Beef Ribs from Cheong Seng 長

Po Tats from a bakery inside The Venetian.

 Peking Duck Pizza from Pizza Express

 Desserts from Awfully Chocolate

Some things that I wish I got to do - clubbing at LKF, eating more food, running into a celebrity, eat street food (ate some last year and didn't really run into much food stands this time / cheap),  meeting a handsome HK boy, getting my ID checked by the police like on TV, eating at a buffet, having high tea, going to karaoke,...and probably lots more that I just can't think of right now. I also wish I bought more shoes...

Oddly, I also learnt more about HK politics than I could have ever imagined. I'm not sure if politics are always a big issue / current event topic, but during my stay it was. Mainly because the first week was the week of the HK Legislative Council Election and the second week was all about the riots against Japanese people/products due to the fight over the islands...and my Aunt was very interested in these topics. 

Didn't expect this post to be so long since I didn't want to be so redundant as I've posted all my pictures on Facebook already...but oh well! 

 I can't wait to go back to Hong Kong again!!!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Nomming with Whitney - Guu Izakaya

Believe it or not, but this is only my 2nd time at Guu Izakaya. I guess because my first time there wasn't that great I never really cared to go back. But I decided to give it a try since the last time I ordered a lot of similar tasting things which wasn't a very good representation of their menu.

Hotate (Scallop) Carpaccio. Quite fresh but I wish it came in thicker slices and bit less sauce. 

Karage (Fried Chicken). SO good and tender, this is my 2nd favourite dish. No wonder Japanese people love KFC, I would too if it tasted like this. 

Kabocha Korokke (Pumpkin Croquette). This wasn't as cool as I expected it to be. Really overpowering Thousand Island-ish sauce and just pumpkin lol. Not really deep fried like a croquette either : ( 

With a hard boiled egg inside! I liked the egg. 

Kakimayo. Baked oysters filled with cheese, mushrooms, avocado and mayo? I'm not sure, but this is LOVE.

Kimchi Udon. Kind of plain and wasn't as tasty as I expected it to be. This was my least favourite dish. I wish I got the yakisoba instead :'( Next time!

Here's me:


We sat at the bar area which provided perfect lighting for pictures!! But it was really loud with the waiters yelling like every other minute. I swear sometimes they were just yelling "Nice voice" to each other after their greetings. 

Guu Izakaya on Urbanspoon