Monday, 10 October 2011

Jap Food Friday

Thanksgiving weekend has come to an end, and I unfortunately do not have reading week : ( 

I think I was quite productive this weekend.....went shopping at the states and did some photography at Richmond Green Park....and some studying in between! 

My Thanksgiving weekend started off with a Japanese food double date with my friend Adrienne on Friday :)

I've been craving Japanese food since last weekend and after looking at various places, I wanted to try Tomo Japanese Restaurant (9625 Yonge St., right by the T&T). I thought the place would be small and was wondering if I should have made reservations, but it actually is decent sized and at 8pm, we didn't have to wait for a table. It's actually also run by Koreans, but the food is just as good as any Japanese run place.

We had complimentary miso soup that came with noodles and tempura bits. I've never had noodles in my miso soup before, so that was quite interesting. It also didn’t have that powdery effect that most miso soups have (where it causes you to stir before drinking??).

The spicy seafood udon was supposed to be their special, but it wasn't that spicy and the seafood was small and likely bought frozen : S tasted a lot like kimchi as well.

 Here's what my bowl  looked like.  I wouldn't especially recommend this.

They had A LOT of rolls in their menu and this is the Snow White roll, I forgot what was inside other than avocado and shrimp tempura…but the sauce is a creamy garlic sauce. I really liked this roll, but others thought that the sauce is quite thick. I think eating the whole thing probably would be hard but 1-2 pieces each was perfect.  I recommend this :D

 I heard the Hotategai (scallop) sushi was good so me and Justin gave it a try. Adrienne loves Uni (sea urchin) so she got that. Mine was fresh tasting and good :  ) 

We also got the medium sized sashimi boat which had 40 pieces, all of the fish was very fresh and tasty!  At most places especially at all you can eat, I can only eat salmon cause the rest I think tastes funny, but here I could eat all except white tuna…which I just don't like how it's watery when you bite into it. I always thought I was the only one that thought so, but Adrienne and her boyfriend Horace think so too!! I'm not alone : )

This was the Toro Negi Roll - tuna belly and scallions. I honestly couldn't really taste much tuna or scallion…it had a lot of crunchy tempura bits; which I don’t mind. But it wasn’t exceptional tasting.

In the end the boys still weren't full yet so we added on a Black Dragon Roll. I liked how the eel was warm, and the sauce was presented in such an awesome way.  I didn't try it, but apparently the Sriracha(?) hot sauce made it taste even better.

Do you think the sauce is representing a dragon or is it fire coming out of the dragon roll? LOL this was our table's debate. I thought it was a dragon at first but it kinda looked like waves to me in the end….I didn’t think much of it really. But I like the idea that it is fire coming out of the black dragon!!!

The food all came very fast which I liked, but it is kind of pricey as it is a la carte; our total was $120 before tax amongst 4 people. So…not that bad since the food was so fresh! I would totally come here again to try the other rolls.

 I hope the photos speak for themselves, cause I don’t think I'm that great at blogging about food  :( 

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  1. : D yummy!

    and i still maintain that it's the fire breathed out by the dragon.