Monday, 21 November 2011

Birthday Dinner at Cafe Michi

A couple weeks ago was my 21st birthday.....I do feel quite old. Can't even deny being an adult now when I'm already a 20-something. 

Justin visited me in Hamilton and drove me back home to Markham on my birthday (Thursday), but we didn't actually have my birthday dinner until Friday - which was Japanese food, because I love it! We went to an authentic Japanese restaurant called Le Cafe Michi that my friend Adrienne introduced to me a couple years ago.  This was actually my second time going so I was really excited to try it again. The place is quite small and in a sort of 'ghetto' plaza in Scarborough that you would probably drive by ignoring...yet the inside is actually decorated quite beautifully. In fear of not having seats because of the small size, we booked a reservation - but there were some free tables available when we arrived (however they were mainly for tables of 2).

Le Cafe Michi is popular for their sashimi and sushi, but we also wanted to try the other dishes. So we decided on the Sashimi platter, Cafe Michi Hot Pot Udon, and Katsu Curry Rice.  The great thing about their menu is they have a photo album that shows you exactly what each dish will look like.

This is the view from where we sat.

The restaurant has 2 seating areas, one is the "cafe" section where we were, which is by the entrance and you have a view of their cakes.  The other is the "sushi bar" section where you have a view of the sushi chef preparing the food. 

The assorted sashimi platter. I liked the tuna most but all were fresh. 

We actually shared the entrees, but just for picture's sake.

Katsu curry <3 

We think this curry is even better than the one at Jtown, the sauce is more thick and spicy, and the veggies are definitely larger. 

I dyed my hair! 

The Cafe Michi Hot Pot Udon's  taste is on the more clear/bland side but I liked it. They did provide some shichimi that you could sprinkle on, I didn't try it but Justin said it was quite spicy. 

Close-up view. I mixed the egg yolk after and it cooked because the pot was still very hot. 

The dinner sets at Le Cafe Michi are on the more expensive side, but it does come with a drink (green tea or coffee) and a slice of cake of your choice from their display. Their coffee is quite popular and their cake selection is broad and unique! I originally wanted Tiramisu because it is my favourite, and it was delicious the last time I tried it. However they didn't have any left this time. 

I got the Earl Grey Tangerine Cake - it was the last one left so had to be good!

 The cream was very yummy, and the bits of tangerine was perfect. I got a huge piece too :D

Justin wanted to try the Tofu Cheesecake because it was unique.

I don't normally like cheesecake because I think it's sour, but I did try a little bite of it. The cheesecake was not that sour, and you could really taste the tofu! 

I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday dinner here : ) The food was good and the wait for it was not long either! It's so close to Justin's house I want to go again at tea time for coffee & cake!!

Additional presents from Justin:

Mont Blanc cake from Jtown's Nakamura Bakery

Personally made collage of me in HK! Have yet to hang it though. 

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  1. ooo your earl grey tangerine cake looks so good! i usually get their green tea cake, but i want to try that one now too

  2. i'm glad you had a good time at cafe michi =)
    we should go again!!! =D