Monday, 12 December 2011

Nomming with Whitney - Mexican Style!

Just finished my 2nd out of 3 exams this morning!! Not much motivation to study for my next one because it is 9 days away and I technically already passed the course. This term's exam season went by so fast for me, probably because I only had 3.

Anyway, 2 weeks ago or so, I went to Vaughan Mills for some jeans shopping and was searching for a good place to eat nearby. From Google, I discovered La Taquizza (3175 Rutherford Rd.). It's an authentic and highly raved about Mexican restaurant in a plaza right beside Vaughan Mills. 

It's a small and cozy restaurant that is designed so aesthetically, it really made a rustic and Mexican vibe. At 8:30 pm we didn't have to wait for a table, but it is surprisingly popular for a restaurant in a small plaza. 

You can even see them cooking your meal!

Cute salt and pepper shakers!

Their menu is quite extensive, other than the usual burritos and quesedillas (which we ordered) they had enchiladas, moles...and many more types of dishes! Most of their entrĂ©es are around $8.99 and for only $10.45 you could get the daily soup or salad too.  

We got a Choriqueso (around $8.75) to start. It's cheese and Mexican sausage with tortilla. If you love cheese you will LOVE this! The dish is very cheesy and the tortilla also tastes different than any other ones that I have had before. 

It's a make your own tortilla, comes with 4 pieces.
Justin got the soup combo, and the daily soup was Chicken Soup with avacado and chipotle. It tasted like a spicy chicken soup so it was pretty interesting -  a bit too spicy for me though. However, when you add in the lime it tasted better as it became less spicy. 

I got the Tinga Quesedilla which has chicken, cheese and chipotle sauce.

The only bad thing I found was the tortilla got soggy, the ones served with the Choriqueso was much better.

Justin got the Grilled Steak Burrito.

There's a choice of size for the Burritos and Justin got large - which is pretty the picture I think he already ate around 1/3 of it. 

We were confused with why they tasted so plain in the beginning, but then remembered there was a salsa bar! Each table gets a plate with 3 dishes for you to choose your own salsa. We got medium, hot and very hot - our favourite is the hot one. There were also some onions and peppers that you could get from the bar. 

Things we really want to try next time are the Aztec Soup and the Cactus Salad!! We wanted to upgrade the combo to these by paying more but the server wouldn't let us do that  : ( 
It was my first time getting Mexican food other than Taco Bell and I was worried I wouldn't like the taste...but I liked it! Especially the Choriqueso <3

If you're ever at Vaughan Mills or in that area, and feel like trying real Mexican food....go to La Taquizza : D

ps. They actually had a selection of alcoholic drinks / cocktails..etc that are probably quite interesting too! I didn't really look at it because I'm not much of a drinker. 

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