Sunday, 12 February 2012

Nomming with Whitney - January 2012

January went by so fast!  Can't believe in a few short months I will be done University - it's so exciting yet nerve-racking. 

I didn't eat out a lot this month because many weekend lunch/dinners were spent with family for Lunar New Year celebrations....and it's too weird to take out my camera and snap pictures of every plate.   Maybe I'll try to do so next time ~ 

1) Sweet Culture 
At Peachtree Centre few stores down from New City Restaurant

This is the usual hangout spot for my friends and I. Maybe because we are fat and like to eat not only dessert but also fried things late at night....and maybe also because we never run into anyone we know, so we can dress down.  Came here twice in the month! And I really want to go back again!! The sago, tea eggs, fried squid and deep fried milk here are the best!  They take cash only though. 

Tried the glutinous rice sago for the first time too (the purpley thing)

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2) Little Bangkok
227 Main St. Markham North

I never knew an authentic Thai place would exist right in Markham, but it does!! The inside is actually quite fancy looking despite the prices are only around $10. The staff are very friendly and fast.  Surprisingly a lot of Caucasians dining there as well.  (side note: down the street at  #42 is Folco's Ristorante, an authentic Italian restaurant that is also yummy)  

Taramind Beef Curry - on the sweet side, and is delicious!

Pad Thai - kind of sour and more 'wet' than I would've liked.
Portions aren't that big, but you could always order an appetizer on top of the entrées.
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3) Sam's Congee Delight (黃三記)
Inside Market Village

I love congee and this place makes really savoury congee. Had it for dinner, both Justin and my mom said 'Congee for dinner??' and I said 'You can't???' and they both said ' can'.  Hahaha, I don't see what's wrong with eating congee for dinner.  

Anyway, this place is VERY packed at lunchtime, we tried getting take out and just eat it in the food court...but failed as we forgot to ask for extra bowls/spoons.  At dinner though, the place was quite empty...maybe congee for dinner isn't popular after all. 

Fish & Pork Liver congee (I'm low in iron) and freshly made fried dough. 

Beef cheung fun also freshly made!

You can see the chefs making the food through a window right at the front of the store too!  When I don't know what to eat, I always think of this place : ) 
Sam's Congee Delight on Urbanspoon

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  1. stop posting pictures of food on your blog. it makes me so damn hungry!
    Your pictures are so clear! I wish I had a dslr camera instead of my shitty camera.

    btw: wiked banner! Cupcake diner is so cute! and you got your banner to fit!