Thursday, 1 March 2012

Joons (again) and Photography Date!

I finally made a real header/blog layout : )   I'm quite proud of it, but I realized I might've made the picture too wide because my laptop screen is let me know if it looks funny on your monitor!  Photo credits goes to Justin, but the original was very discoloured so I did some work fixing it on Photoshop too! 

I really should be endorsed by Joons. This time I brought my friends Phoebe & Arthur - we had an unofficial double date LOL. Phoebe's been wanting to try it out for a while and we finally managed to set a time that worked for everyone. 

We just got the usual though. Maybe next time I will finally venture on to the other things on the menu.  This time however, the seafood was actually assorted (likely frozen as they were tiny) and no more baby octopus : ( which was my favourite. There is a separate dish where the meat is only baby octopus ( more expensive), but it used to be in the assorted seafood one too. 

Seafood combo + noodles + rice cake + cheese

Same sides as always - I only eat the mashed potatoes. 
Arthur & Phoebe ~ We were playing games on Arthur's phone while waiting for the food. 
His Android phone has much better games than our BB's : (   jelly..

They cooked the food for us in two separate pans because they said all 4 portions in one would take very long. I think Phoebe and I could've finished our pan if we really tried....but we let the boys eat our leftovers since they were still hungry. 

Next we walked around the Yonge/Shephard area for a bit of photography.  I really wanted to walk to Finch (where all the Korean people are at!!). But it was pretty cold and we only had an hour left on our parking meter. I brought my digital camera and all, but didn't end up taking it out because it was way too cold for my hands. I pointed out things for Justin to take pictures of on my behalf though : )

Tried to make it spooky cause it's an abandoned TV. Kind of failed. 
I liked this artwork within the sticker/sign. 
Pole that looks like a face. 
Phoebe looks so cute here haha
Building picture for you all.

Matching sneakers. 
Justin's favourite pic.
I have a bunch of food-related posts of places I went to  during reading week coming up this month, so look forward to that !

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