Friday, 16 March 2012

Nomming with Whitney - Dave & Buster's

Dave & Buster's

We came here for Justin's friend Joyce's birthday - in a limo!!!  D&B has this special menu where for $16.99 you get $10 worth of a playing we all ordered from that menu. I think there is some $24.99 and you get $20 menu too.

I got Goldfingers  - chicken was pretty good, but the honey mustard sauce was the best : 3
Make your own taco - comes with 4 soft shells
Fully loaded Philly Cheese-steak 

The menu has around 8 or so dishes, but everybody pretty much ordered these 3 things, 2 people ordered pasta but they sat really far away from me so no pic : (  Overall, I think the food tasted pretty alright, Justin and I shared the chicken fingers and cheese-steak and we agreed that the chicken fingers tasted better.  The only complaint we had would be that one person's guacamole (part of the taco dish) was served completely frozen. 

The service on the other hand was horrible.
1) Waiter wouldn't take our orders yet because he said he'd be right back and take them once he brings our drinks - but he disappeared for a good half hour
2) Food took another half hour to arrive.
3) One dish was missing (Justin's) and waiter was nowhere to be found again.
4) When we tried to ask for his dish all other waiters tried hard to avoid any eye contact.

Don't bother eating here...the reviews we read online before going also said the service was terrible.  I think that special menu requires reservation too : S 

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