Saturday, 26 May 2012

Golden Turtle - Part 4 of Food Adventure Downtown

This Vietnamese (pho) restaurant was suggested by Queenie. Another pho restaurant right beside is also supposed to be very good (if not better because they supposedly have better customer service).  I'm not a fan of pho in general so I really couldn't tell the difference between the pho here and at the average pho restaurants, but Justin, who loves pho, said it was pretty good!  I just had a bit off Justin's pho, and a mango slushie because I was already we just ate at Khao San Road and The County General prior to this. 

The waitress there serving us was really rude though! She had a bad attitude to begin with I suppose, but was more rude when she found out we were only ordering 2 orders of pho between 4 people. She should've known we were sharing yet still didn't provide us with extra bowls to share, and just seemed grumpy in general.  Jackey was so angry we didn't give any tips at all!  

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  1. Oh god! Another rant by the unsatisfied blogger of t.o.
    You seriously need to just move cause you ALWAYS find something negative about a place you eat at.
    ""I liked it but the portions were too big or small or weird looking"
    Grow up and write a proper review or move to an Asian city that helps you thrive in your negativity!