Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Nadege - Part 2 of Food Adventure Downtown

Our adventure continues with me just mindlessly following Jackey & Queenie around (Justin's usually either beside me or lagging behind taking pictures).  And as I have horrible sense of direction and knowledge of streets in general, I had literally no idea where we were, or where we were heading.

Here's some touristy pictures, there's actually lots of interesting things downtown! Some stranger actually muttered the word "tourists" while walking past me taking a picture beside a painted tree -_- ..But I mean if Justin was going to take a picture of a weird tree, I might as well be in the picture too.

 I wanted to look like I was part of the picture...but clearly failed as the sizes were so off...

 Cool bicycle cart! Vintage??

Cool yet creepy looking store.  Or is it even a store? I'd be too scared to even go in..

 There was like a skull-ish decoration hanging somewhere, I swear. 

Anyway, after walking some more, we came across Nadege. We walked by without expecting to come across it and was I ever excited!!! I've been reading a lot about this bakery from other bloggers (especially about their macarons) so I couldn't resist going in and trying some. I have never had a macaron before which may seem surprising because I love sweets so much.  But I'm usually far to cheap to splurge on desserts except for the ones at Sweet Culture and occasionally on cakes and ice cream.   

 Pretty rows of colourful macarons!! I want them all. 

 The sandwiches look mouth-watering in person. This picture doesn't justify it.

The pastries look so cute and elegant : )  

Everything looks so pretty inside! Too bad they are also quite expensive and I couldn't decide which pastry I wanted to try  most (as everything looked so tasty).

Justin and I ended up deciding to just get 2 macarons for the sake of trying them - picked green tea and pistachio. I ended up eating most of it though, because Justin thought it was way too sweet. He even made a really funny disgusted face.  It is quite sweet, but as I have a sweet tooth, I enjoyed it.  I think it gave me a slight sugar rush because I was tired from all the walking downtown, yet got more giddy after eating it : D   But macarons are definitely over-priced and over-hyped!!  It was like $2 / macaron!! And they are tiny!

I think the left one is Green Tea, and right is Pistachio.  I don't think they were that distinctly different as the main taste was sugar.

Justin also purchased an Almond Croissant. I'm not a huge fan of crunchy/flaky croissants I only like the soft breakfast roll kind. But he seemed to really like it.  Jackey and Queenie also purchased mini croissants which they enjoyed too. 

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