Thursday, 28 June 2012

Nomming with Whitney - All Star Wings

I haven't had wings in the longest time!!! Except for those that I eat at home... but that doesn't really count, right?  I came with my friends to All Star Wings for a late night snack one Friday night : D

We only got 30 wings amongst the four of us because we JUST had dessert at Pastel Creperie & Dessert House, and it was also 11pm. 

We really had no idea what to pick from their never-ending menu list as there weren't much descriptions except for level of we decided on Pandora's Box (which I read was highly recommended on foursquare) and This is Sparta!!  just cause the name sounded cool.  

Pandora's Box was I think level 3 spicy, and reminded me of the PC chicken wings in Louisiana style. It's spicy with a bit of sweetness to it.  I really wish they gave us more celery because their celery & dip tasted pretty amazing.

I still don't know why this is called This is Sparta!! but it tasted pretty bomb! It's also level 3 spicy but because of the sour cream - ish sauce on top, the spiciness actually got toned down. Everyone loved this one more than Pandora's Box - except me because I found the sauce a bit on the sour side.

I can't wait to try more flavours at my next visit : )   I love wings.

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