Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Nomming with Whitney - Inatei

Justin and I celebrated his 24th birthday together at Inatei. Originally we were going to eat Greek food at Loui's Kouzina, but during the day Justin started wanting to eat Japanese food after I talked about sushi. 

I've never been a big fan of Inatei, but I've seen many food bloggers constantly talking about how fresh their sashimi and sushi is. And to be fair, I have always ordered entree dishes and not a la carte. So we decided to try it out as it seemed to be the closest (in Markham) good a la carte Japanese restaurant. 

We decided on the Sushi Moriwase ($55) which consisted of 8 types of sashimi, 6 types of sushi and 2 kinds of rolls. This seems expensive at first but is actually much cheaper than ordering eveyrthing separately.  We weren't sure if this would be filling for us so we also ordered the Grilled Saba which was on the daily special menu.  We nearly got a Curry Rice instead of the Saba along with the Sushi Moriwase because we thought we wouldn't be full -__-...good thing we didn't because I was quite full from the sushi alone. 

The food came very quickly likely because we were at the restaurant early, and the elegant presentation of the sashimi got us very excited.

Scallops and squid were very sweet which I liked : )    Justin liked the fish in the ice, but we don't know what its called. The cut of it was very large though!

The sashimi is definitely fresh and the cuts are quite generous too, although sometimes a bit unequal for certain portions where one would be thicker than the other. Most of the sashimi were 2 cuts per fish but a few had 3. The sushi weren't as good as the sashimi, but I suppose it was because we already tried the same types of fish with the sashimi first.  The rolls were very normal, I expected more variety and speciality rolls, but I did like the spicy salmon roll. My favourites were the mackarel, salmon, and scallops. 

The grilled saba was something that I have also seen many people order at various restaurants, so I wanted to give it a try.
I thought it was a bit overcooked/dry, but it does soften after you dip it into a citrusy soya suace, or after you squeeze lemon over it. The skin was still a bit hard and oily though, but it was pretty delicious and a cool experience as we have never ordered a whole fish at a Japanese restaurant before. 

We ended dinner with shots for the birthday boy! Kidding, they are just complimentary yogurt lychee puddings for dessert. 

Inakaya is still my top Japanese restaurant thus far (waiting till August to re-visit it still), but Inatei isn't bad for an uptown restaurant if you're willing to pay more for a la carte.

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Picture of us on a different birthday celebration day : ) 

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