Thursday, 26 July 2012

New York Trip Day 1

I went on a very impromptu 2 nights 3 days trip to New York with my friend Beatrice..and her friend Nancy, and Nancy's friends Nicha and Richelle, and Richelle's friend Jordan, and Jordan's friend Sean. LOL pretty much it was a group of many friends of friends. But even after one day it felt like we knew each other for a long time. 

For the 5 of us girls, our trip started Friday night when we took the Megabus to New York (the guys were commuting separately from Washington). Our bus ride there got super delayed because our bus had some tire malfunction and we had to wait an hour for another bus : (     Best time to camwhore though!

However on the new bus we snagged the few seats that came with a table and were able to play Monopoly Deal during part of the ride. 

Rocking the neck pillow
However, travelling by Megabus really sucks. It's I guess not bad in price, my ticket was $118 for both ways...but the seats are very uncomfortable and it is extremely difficult to fall asleep on because they always leave these green lights on everywhere, and we have to stop every 2 hours or so to drop people off, arrive at the border, or washroom breaks. 

We got lots of McDonald's at our rest break <3  Nuggets are like super cheap in the States...but taste very fake. 

We arrived in Manhattan at 7:15 it was literally an 11 hour ride. With our luggage and all, we headed to NBC studio because we wanted to get tickets for Saturday Night Live which we heard they give out at 7am.  We passed through Times Square as we walked towards the studio. 

Where we got dropped off! I'm missing these taxis dearly.

But when we arrived at the studio we found out they weren't taping it any more until the fall : S or something like that....we asked a security guard that was by the taping of The Today Show. 

We could've lined up for this...but we didn't want to lol
We spent most of the morning just walking to our hotel (Holiday Inn) to drop off our luggage, to Starbucks to get WiFi, back to the hotel to check in with the guys, and to get brunch. 

More camwhoring outside the hotel while waiting for the other girls. We were trying to pretend that we didn't know each other so they wouldn't suspect that we were fitting so much people in one room > < 

The first of MANY group photos. 

After eating we finally started the real touring activities. We subway-ed to where the ferry to Ellis Island was with intentions to visit the Statue of Liberty. I've actually never gone on the island itself, I've only been on a ferry tour around it. 

Full group photo!

Street performers who can do back flips and jump over people.

But we didn't end up going because the weather was really hot, and the line was very long...and most people have visited the Statue before. To not put our efforts in subway-ing so far to waste, we headed towards Wall St. which was nearby.  Just a warning that there's going to be a lot of pictures from here onwards! 

Went inside some Finance Museum and the interior was very prom-like. So we did prom poses for pictures!

Obligatory staircase picture.

After touring the Wall St. area, Beatrice and I parted ways with everyone else because they were going on a dinner/party boat cruise which we didn't want to go to for $80. We were going to tour and have dinner on our own, but ended up just chilling in the hotel and napping before heading out to a Japanese restaurant we found on Urbanspoon for dinner.

We decided on the highly rated Natsumi. I'm not sure anymore if it is authentic or not because the chefs looked Japanese, but the waiters were a mix of all races. And most of the customers weren't even asian. It's moderately priced food, but we tried to order not too much to keep our costs low.

We ordered the Salmon Tataki, Sashimi platter, and Fried Oyster Roll. I think it came about $25 dollars each. Not bad since we got to eat a lot of fish, but it wasn't very filling. Salmon Tataki had a bit too much sauce for our liking, but the salmon was definitely fresh. Bea really liked the pickled radish salad on the side. Out of the sashimi, the salmon was the best but I also liked the saba. The roll wasn't that amazing tasted like terriyaki sauce mostly. 

Natsumi on Urbanspoon

After dinner we headed back to the hotel to meet up with everyone else to chill and get ready to go clubbing. We spent probably hours figuring out which club to go to since we had no idea where the Asian crowd was at.  Beatrice and I were searching on our phones while everyone else pre-drank and probably played Monopoly Deal. We got so confused with yelp because we thought places listed as "closed" were shut down, but it actually just meant it wasn't  opening hours yet.   

We decided on Circle Nightclub which was supposed to be the best Asian club in town, it's Korean run and I was really hoping for Korean music...but they just played normal English music. 

Here's a bunch of our pre-photos.

The aftermath!!    

Kidding...Long story short, we went inside the club for probably only about 5 minutes because there was a bit of a disagreement amongst everyone and we all left; thankfully able to get full refunds. 

That ends Day 1! I think I may need to split Day 2 into two different posts because we had a full day of activities which means a LOT of pictures. 

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