Monday, 16 July 2012

Nomming with Whitney - Ed's Real Scoop

I went exploring in Leslieville with my friend Irene one sunny weekend!! I actually have never even heard of Leslieville before (it's downtown toronto) but Irene has been there and told me that it has many little shops and food places. As it was so hot and sunny, we started the day off with gelato from Ed's Real Scoop.  Irene recommended me the Pistachio flavour, so I tried it!  It is really delicious, it's creamy and sweet but not too sweet. It even has pistachios within the gelato too! They give a pretty big serving. The cup looks small for $4, but they really fill it up completely and it even fills out of the cup : ) 

Irene got a mix of pistachio and green apple. Green apple is kind of sour which I guess is expected. The nice thing about Ed's Real Scoop is other than letting you mix flavours together, they also let you have sample tastes of flavours if you ask before you order.

Have never seen a "Pine cone" before....wonder how that works. 

The many gelato flavours.  There's a whole other section with more flavours too! 

The store has a very vintage feel and there's even a couple seats for customers to eat inside - which was great for me because ice cream tends to melt and spill on my hand when I eat it outside. 

After ice cream, we went to Woodbine Beach!  We weren't really prepared for the beach at all so we could only walk around for a bit and sat in the shaded grass. I didn't even wear flip flops > < and the sand was way too hot to walk in barefoot... and we didn't bring a beach towel. Pretty fail of us, but the scenery was so nice that I took a bunch of pictures. 

 I took this candid shot : ) hehehe

I really want to go to the beach again for real soon! 

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