Monday, 30 July 2012

Nomming with Whitney - Loui's Kouzina

This Greek restaurant is ranked #1 in Markham so although I'm not a big fan of Greek food I have been wanting to try it out for months now. I finally was able to go by dragging my University friends Alfred and Justin to go with me one day for dinner  : D 

It is definitely a popular location because most of the tables were filled and it was only a weekday night. 

I got the Small Pork Souvlaki dinner which comes with a choice of side (rice, potatoes, or veggies I think...). I picked potatoes. The pork is pretty good here actually. I usually always get lamb because that's my favourite, but for their small dinners there's only the choice of pork or chicken.

Alfred got the Large Pork Souvlaki. We had a whole discussion on whether the large sized dinner would have more meat or not because the menu didn't specify, just said you would get 2 choices of sides. Anyway, in the end we just asked a waitress and she confirmed there would be more meat. This size is probably best for guys because I was able to finish most of mine.

Justin got the Calamari dinner which also came with 2 sides. I didn't try any but they said the calamari was very soft...I wish I asked to try some now -_-

We also got free bread! Oddly they gave it to us during the meal instead of at the beginning which made us question whether the offer for bread was free or not at first. There was also a salad for everyone in the beginning of the meal.

Here's a picture of the restaurant with Alfred kind of photobombing due to his desire to be featured on Nomming with Whitney.

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