Monday, 2 July 2012

Nomming with Whitney - Restoran Malaysia

This restaurant was recommended to me by my friend Adrienne! So we all went together for dinner one night to try it out. It's very rare that all my close friends are in town at the same time and all happen to be free on the same night. So I was really happy about it. It's been hard to all meet up like this since we all started going to different Universities...especially Dom being in a whole different country for most of the year : '( 

Me waiting for a table! The bad thing is they don't take reservations any more and they also won't let you be seated until at least half of your party has arrived.

But once half our party was present, we were allowed to sit down and was given water and menus promptly. The menu was kind of confusing because many of the dishes were in Malaysian, but luckily Adrienne and Horace have been there before so they took charge of ordering. The rest of us just focused on what dessert and drinks we wanted : ) 

Here's all that we ordered!! Quite a lot! I can't remember how much the bill was altogether but I think around $20 and then plus $5 for the drink.

 Green Mango Salad - I actually thought it was a bit sour but again...probably just me. 

Lamb Skewers!! My favourite <3 The non-green stick ones are beef so we could tell them apart more easily.

 Beef and chicken skewers.

Our many fruity drinks. Mine's the Lychee Freezy I think...I can't really remember what other people's were but they were all delicious. I tried everyone's LOL. 

"Penang Char Kuay Teow" which is Horace's favourite. To the rest of us it is very similar to normal fried beef noodles though...but he insists they are different. (gon chow ngau ho  - sorry don't know how to romanize it properly)

 Homemade Roti with Beef Curry

Chicken Curry. Each curry comes with 2 pieces of roti, so for 6 people we just ordered an additional 2 pieces so we could each have one. I preferred chicken more, but some people liked beef more as it was more spicy.

"Rendang Minang - Daging Beef" It's kind of like pulled pork texture. Although it was spicy it tasted somewhat too salty even with roti. I think this would've gone better with white rice. 

Layered Spice Cake - tasted like banana bread hahaha...we thought this would taste more "Malaysian".

Coconut Crepe - I can't really remember what it tasted much I guess it wasn't that spectacular. 

A picture before we left for the night. I don't know why but I wanted to do this pose at the Buddha...but  I started laughing halfway. And props to Dom for successfully photo-bombing. 

Here's a picture of all of us that night. Although Justin and I are broken up now (we're still being friends), I still like this picture since it's very rare that I have a picture with all of my friends in it! We're not the 'let's take pictures of us together' type, haha. 

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