Monday, 6 August 2012

New York Trip Day 2 Pt. 2

Our evening began with dinner at Maze by Gordon Ramsay (at The London) which is supposedly one of his cheaper restaurants. The prices of his entrées are around $22-35 and it is definitely worth it.

We shared an entrée of scallops as our appetizer which was absolutely amazing. It was very meaty tasting / umami. Everyone was already very pleased with the Oyster Buns from Momofuku but decided that the scallops topped it. I have to say at the time I wasn't overly impressed by it, but it was definitely good scallops. We were also very excited to find out that the "ball" wasn't fake and was a cheese croquette-ish thing. 

I ordered the Branzino (European Sea Bass). The fish looks small, but it was very soft and paired nicely with the celery/lemon broth underneath. 

What other people ordered:

Duck, had a small piece and it was savoury~
Dry Aged Strip Loin, the green blob is just spinach lol
Risotto+ whole table
The service was kind of slow, but everyone enjoyed the food. For it's price it is much better tasting and worth it than any Summer/Winterlicious that I have attended thus far. 

Also the washroom is pretty neat!! It's a hallway of individual washrooms which is a room and not just a stall. They also have very high quality paper napkins for you to wipe your hands (which some people missed out on) LOL. 

Maze (at the London) on Urbanspoon

After dinner we decided to explore Times Square since we expected it to look very nice at night with all the buildings and advertisements lit up. We took A LOT of pictures there. 

Me on the big screen!!!

Before heading out to Brooklyn Bridge we went back to the hotel for some more Monopoly Deal + people wanted to pre-drink.

Trying to see who could do bigger splits.

Pretty nice view, but it was super windy and not that interesting after a while > < and super difficult to take pictures since it was so dark.  Oddly there's people just lying around there (not hobos) and a couple completely making out there : S 

That concludes Day 2!  There will be one last post on our last day which was spent it entirely touring Central Park because it was gorgeous looking : ) 

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