Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Summerlicious at Sassafraz

I've always been intrigued with Sassafraz because of its cute yellow exterior and the fact that I have been told that celebrities dine there when they are in town. So when my friend Nancy asked me which restaurant to go to out of her narrowed down list of restaurants, it was my first pick!

Sassafraz surprisingly has a very large interior. Other than their patio seating, they have a "bar/dining section" and a very large room for dining.  It is actually sort of like 2 connected dining rooms because one area is more lit up and pretty in the far back of the restaurant.  Wish we could've sat back there with the garden wall and waterfall!
Complimentary bread to start. It wasn't warm, but it was very soft. 

I kind of already had what I wanted to order decided because I love to look at menus to decide what I want to eat before going there - especially for summerlicious where I pick a restaurant depending on their menu. 

For appetizers I got Pan Seared Scallops with sautéed spinach, roasted almond silvers and sherry gastrique. The size of the scallops were much larger than I expected, but it definitely did not have the strong umami taste as the scallops I had at Maze by Gordon Ramsay. It paired nicely with the sherry gastrique and I liked the almonds. The spinach had a little too much flavouring from being drenched in the sauce though. 

Nancy got Spinach and roasted beets with parsnip chip and violet mustard maple vinaigrette. I tried a little bit and the veggies were quite refreshing tasting. The only thing was the vinaigrette made the salad very oily. 

For entrées, I got the Braised Lamb Shank with roasted garlic sweet potato mash, asparagus, sweet apple cider glaze. I'm a big sucker for lamb and I have to say, I regret getting it. I'm not sure if it wasn't good tasting but the flavour just wasn't what I was looking for especially for a fancier restaurant. I was really expecting more of a steak and it was just very soft lamb that tasted like braised lamb that I could eat at home : /   I wasn't impressed at all. It also had a very strong sweet taste that made it very filling to eat alone, I had to often pair the lamb with the mash. 

Nancy got the 10 oz New York Strip Loin with Ontario peas, and foie gras smashed potato. I really wish I got this. Both the strip loin and the mashed potatoes were delicious. She got rare and the seared outside tasted pretty I'm sure at medium rare it would be really yummy. 

For dessert I wanted to try something new and picked the Gotham City cheese which was served with flatbread and assorted dried fruits. I guess since I really enjoyed going to my friend's wine and cheese I was tempted to eat cheese with flatbread again. I was kind of disappointed because I only had one type of cheese and it came in such a big chunk : (   And maybe because I didn't have any wine it was very filling to eat all the cheese. 

Nancy got the banana cream tart with toasted coconut mousse and mango sherbet. The sherbet tasted very fresh and the tart wasn't too sweet. 

Although the food wasn't as good as expected or anticipated it was a fun night nonetheless with our girl / life talks : ) 

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