Friday, 14 September 2012

Nomming with Whitney - Earls Kitchen and Bar

Earls Kitchen and Bar to me is like a fancy sports bar. It's prices are pretty reasonable though between $10~$20 unless you order like steaks. They have a dining area and a lounge area, we picked the dining area so it would be a bit quieter to chat in : ) 

Pictures aren't so great because I didn't have a camera and used my cell phone, so bear with me > < 

I got the Grilled Chicken and Baked Brie Sandwich which had roasted apples, spinach, sweet fig jam, garlic mayonnaise and house baked ciabatta. It comes with a choice of a side dish which I picked fries. The fries came in a very large portion and taste a lot like McDonald fries. 

It was very refreshing and healthy tasting because of the apples and jam. I was hoping it to be more savoury of a sandwich like the one I had at The County General, but this was surprisingly nice too. 

Here are some of the things my friends ordered:

Roasted Vegetable and Chicken Quesadilla with side of salad. Apparently the salad was very bad tasting though.

 Mediterranean Linguini with Chicken

 Earls Bigger Better Burger

I've actually never heard of Earls before but this is a great place to try out when you're at Square One since they have a large variety of food due to their modern Asian fusion style menu. 

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